Episode 22 – A Crazy System

So it turns out it’s true. It’s a crazy system. This episode presents more questions than answers, for us at least. It turns out that we may be having a baby! Within the next couple of days we’ll find out if Andrea and Linda’s sister, Janelle, will be joining us.

We discuss our decision making process for what was a tough call for us.

Also Andrea and Linda had a visit with their grandfather that didn’t go the way we hoped.

6 thoughts on “Episode 22 – A Crazy System

  1. I should throw in that our solution for what to do with a baby while both of us carry on full time jobs may not be what you think. But we’ll cross that bridge when and if it gets here . . .

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!
    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you with the 3 kids thing. And I hope I don’t scare you again: One thing you should just remember.. the first 3 months with a newborn are the toughest months. You’ll have some of the factors removed: post partum hormones; breastfeeding, etc . But added in there are some new ones. You’ll definitely be in our prayers!

  3. Hey Tim and Wendy,
    Just to throw yet another thing at you… Remember Nichole and Pete? They are {foster agency name removed for privacy} infant emergency foster parents and are looking for a placement…. Just a thought, if you did decide to have Janelle go into foster for 6 months.

  4. I love your podcast (you could call me a groupie). I just believe that God let me find this podcast right when we needed it. We are just about to meet a little boy who (GOD WILLING) will one day be our 3rd son (our 1st by foster adoption). His birthmom has a younger daughter (under 2 yrs old) who has been removed from his care and older siblings who are already in other homes. We have not been offered any of the other siblings as they are already either adopted or pre-adoptive. None of them feel prepared to take “our” boy (which is why he must have been meant for us). This last podcast was so wonderfully crafted. You had me convinced that you were not going to take Janelle and then POW. I am so very glad that you did!!! In the back of our minds we imagine that birthmom might have future children. We hope that we will have the strength to do the same if the situation comes up. We are not sure if we are “planning” on a second adoption but we are hoping that IF we do, Mom finds a way to lay off the bad stuff at least for 9 months this time. Part of the “Crazy System” is that we have not found a good way to prevent baby after baby being born with drugs in their little bodies. Let us pray for all these moms. May God give them the strength for abstinence (of all kinds).

  5. Dear Tim and Wendy,

    I am going to ask you the same question my husband always asks me when I decide I need to go back to work (I think 150,000 times since #1’s birth.)

    Do you believe you are doing what the Lord asks of you? If the answer is yes, then don’t you believe He will provide all the resources you need to carry out His will, be they financial, emotional, physical or spiritual? How can it be any other way?

    I can testify from my experience that God provides! Thanks be to God!


    P.S. Wendy, you are not old, because you are not significantly older than me. Tim, I do not know how old you are, but maybe you are old.

  6. Each day that I wait for our call I come and listen to a podcast. I’ve skipped around but now I’m filling in. I’m so grateful to my SIL (adopt/foster mom) who turned me on to you guys. Thank you for sharing your stories!

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