Episode 34 – Monitored Visits

What to expect at monitored visits. What are they? How often do they happen and why? We share why we prefer to be the monitors even though it exposes us to an awful lot of awkwardness with the birth family.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 34 – Monitored Visits

  1. Working my way through the podcasts serially now after cherry picking some prior topics. I found Dawn Davenport’s podcasts a few months ago and they are excellent. The authors who are guests on her show are the most prominent in their field.

    The monitored visits topic is very key to us right now. Future contact with our Children’s birth dad is a big issue and he seems to think an annual two week vacation, completely unmonitored is ok. Hearing the guidelines for monitored visits was very reassuring.

  2. It’s Melissa again! I am slowly making it up the list in the podcast. I just wanted to say that you are both amazing parents and I hope you stay strong in the fight. I am constantly impressed by your love for each other and for your daughters. I know that the issues of this podcasts are long in your past, but I do hope you stay encouraged because although it is the hard to be a a foster parent, it is worth it.

    Also, wanted to say that I discovered the Creating A Family Podcast when I first welcomed my son home and it has continued to be a great resource. Even the episodes that don’t apply to my situation are extremely helpful. The Creating A Family podcast and your podcast are my most trusted resources. Both podcasts have helped me as I parent my son. I have learned SO much about foster/kinship care and what it means to be a legal guardian versus and adoptive parent. But even better, I have learned that I am not alone in my struggles and that is invaluable. Thanks so much for doing all that you do.

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