Episode 41 – Chance Encounter

Our 4th of July (err Independence Day) celebration brought about a chance encounter that we had hoped to avoid. It’s a foster parent nightmare come to pass.

4 thoughts on “Episode 41 – Chance Encounter

  1. You guys discuss how July 4 is not the anniversary of freedom for all, but you limit your perspective to other nations, when in fact, there are Americans that can rightfully claim that July 4, 1776 did not bring to them an independent lifestyle also. Here’s an insightful blog post that I enjoyed that touches on this towards its beginning:

    I enjoy your podcast, although my wife & I are not currently pursuing foster nor parenting. We’re very proud of those that do! True pro-LIFE-ers, in our opinion!

  2. Hey guys,

    I loved your last how. I could feel the pain and panic. Before Amber and I started dating, I was going out with a crazy girl. I kinda knew it while we were together and I’ve discovered over the past 14 years that when I think back she was absolutely NUTS. And our breakup did not go well.

    Anyway, for years afterwards, I would see her (or much more likely someone who looked kinda like her) and I would panic. I could feel my heart beating in every blood vessel in my body. Even now, when I drive past places she worked in high school or places we used to hang out, I sometimes get little twinges of fear.

    I can’t imagine how much more terrifying this was for Wendy -and for Carmen too. I’m so proud of how you handled yourself. I’m sure I would have had to go home to get dry pants.

  3. Hi Tim and Wendy,
    I’m trying not to read your blog ahead, because I’m listening in order and am only on episode 25 right now.
    I listen to several episodes a day to catch up, and also because you are a voice of reason to me right now, just because I became a foster parent 3 weeks ago to a 12-year-old girl. She is a good girl, but it hasn’t been easy at all, since I’m single, have never been a parent before, and am not good with teenagers. However, things have settled down a lot, and we are getting along fine.
    Thanks again for podcasting. From the titles of your episodes, I perceive you have had a rough road (is any road easy in fostering? I never thought it would be this difficult emotionally). I am praying for you, and may God BLESS and GUIDE you through the crazy system.

  4. Hi Tim and Wendy!

    I just started with Episode 1 about a week ago, and I’ve been working through the episodes one by one. Today, I just finished this episode. I’m a single college student and I lived with a family in Connecticut for a summer who was fostering there, so that got me interested in someday fostering myself. I lived with a bunch of foster kids, including the most amazing 16-year-old foster daughter (who reunified and is now getting straight-As in high school). I know I’m way behind in time (2008!) and I’m not looking or listening ahead, but as a time traveler with your family, I’m so excited for your future with these girls! I can’t wait to catch up to the present and see how you all are doing. I hope you are well! Thank you for this amazing podcast.

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