Episode 72 – Settling In After Adoption

We’re back with a new episode.  Linda has had her ups and downs since our adoption. We also requested an Individual Education Plan for Andrea.

T gives his opinion on what the British will call the last decade and W once again humors his inane penchant for trivia.  We answer a listener question from Kim on helping a bio-dad with a successful reunification.

5 thoughts on “Episode 72 – Settling In After Adoption

  1. Yay – you are back! Great episode. Thanks so much for sharing about your girls ups and downs. It is great information and advice for soon to be parents 🙂 Merry Christmas to your family! Thank you for the influence you have had on ours…we are so grateful.

  2. Hey Tim and Wendy,

    You guys are so great! Great podcast I am so glad you are back! I was scared to become a foster parent, but from listen to your podcast you guys have really settled my feelings. I am happy to say that I am an open house for foster children! Yay! We are also adopting a child too but thanks to you guys we decided that we would like to continue to foster even after the adoption.

    Thank You! And please keep them coming.

  3. Tim and Wendy,
    Yay! It was good to hear your podcast after your loooong hiatus. It’s always fun to hear about how your family is doing.

  4. Tim and Wendy,
    One thought: I had a 12-year-old foster daughter the summer before last. She was with me for 50 days before she went home to her family. I wondered what was going to happen after that, if we would still have contact at all. She ended up friending me on Facebook, and now I’m Facebook friends with her mom and sister also. Facebook is good for things other than finding old high school friends, apparently! My foster daughter just Facebooked me today to ask how I was doing. It’s sort of like I went from foster mom to pen pal, and I find it amazing that just that short 50 days I had her was so impacting to her that she keeps writing me, and certainly changed my life forever. Foster care is an intense experience. I wonder if anyone else communicates with their past foster kids via social networking? I guess that even though technology can be a pain because then we spend way too much time staring at a screen every day, it certainly can be a blessing, because then we have things like Facebook and, of course, your podcast!

  5. I guess I have kind of mixed feelings about new birth certificates. To me, a birth certificate is about birth. A new birth certificate doesn’t erase the fact that they were born to a different mom. I have several adopted friends (from closed adoptions, admittedly) who feel very resentful and hurt by their amended birth certificates. Even though they love their adopted families, they feel like their birth certificates are a lie.

    I wish kids could keep their birth certificates, and just use them in combination with their adoption decree. (Of course, legally, this doesn’t work, but I wish it could).

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