Episode 85 – What It’s Like to Get Adopted

A very special episode in which we interview our daughters Andrea and Linda.  Make sure to catch our new “listener corner” jingle sent in by Dan, host of the new podcast “Fostering with Love“.  Make sure to check out his show. http://fosteringwithlove.blogspot.com/

Here are the pictures mentioned in this episode.

If you are going to look at the pictures while listening to the embedded player, we recommend you use the “Play in Popup” feature below.  Clicking on a photo will open the image in your current window.

7 thoughts on “Episode 85 – What It’s Like to Get Adopted

  1. What a special episode, that was heart warming. It is so cool to hear the girls, you can tell how much they love you guys, they’ve come such a long way, you should be so proud, us listeners are!

    Thank you so much for mentioning my podcast. It is true, I already had one podcast going, but the reason I started my Fostering With Love podcast was completely inpired by this one. You guys rock!

  2. Also, I just had to clear up for honesty’s sake: that is me singing, but it’s not me playing the sax 🙂 I cut that soundbite from a band called Banyan’s live recording, the sax player was warming up before they started playing. I got the sound file from http://www.archive.org & it’s under a creative commons share alike liscense – so no rights are being abused by playing it on a podast. Thanks again!

  3. I can only hope my 2 adopted children (1 privately and 1 through foster care) are able to speak about their life stories as openly and articulately as you children do.
    It is a testament to your amazing parenting.

  4. Just started listening to this episode —- but had to take a break to meet your identify that episode challenge —- it’s Punky Brewster, friend gets stuck in fridge while playing hide and seek (and does she die or just come close???)

    a scary PSA about taking the doors off a freezer or fridge when they are on the end of the road to be thrown out

  5. Awww, going through all the episodes for the first time. Was looking forward to seeing the pictures along with this episode but they’re no longer up.

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