Episode 86 – Preparing for Reunification

D & K are preparing Tommy and Molly for their upcoming reunification with their birth mom.  They discuss the increase in birth parent visits and how they’re feeling about the kids moving out of their home. Discover the deep-seated controversy that may rip their home apart (okay, not really).

7 thoughts on “Episode 86 – Preparing for Reunification

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  2. Hope is definitely the definition of Foster Parenting.. hope that you’re doing the right thing for these children, for yourselves, and for their families.

    We received our first placement at the end of July (it was supposed to a 2 week respite visit, that was extended into a permanent placement). And we just took his two older sisters (so now we have a 5 yr. old, 2 yr. old, and 4 month old)!!

    Good Luck with the reuinification and your next placement!

  3. i love your faith, hope, honesty and heart in all of this. i will definitely miss M & T, but i’m so glad you have the relationship you do with their mom.

  4. Great episode guys. Sounds like our 2 year olds have a lot in common, our says “I do it.” ALL the time 🙂 Actually, now he’s started saying “No, I can do it.” He is 2 1/2. I’m glad you guys have decided foster care is for you, thanks for sharing God’s love with those kids, and I hope all the rest you are placed with are “easy kids.” 🙂

  5. Hi T and W,

    First, THANK YOU for the podcast!  It has truly been a support and an inspiration to me as we navigate through the foster-adoption process.  (We are currently fostering 2 kids, 8 & 9 years old and hoping to adopt!  Still waiting on TPR, which has been delayed twice, from last July to Jan 2011.)

    Ok, now to my question: How can/should you prepare your kids for the Goodbye visit?  We are anticipating TPR in late Jan and are hoping that visits will be stopped at that point (apparently, it’s not an automatic that visits end after TPR… at least not in our state). So, assuming that the course upholds DSS’s request and stops birth family visits, there will be a Good-Bye visit. I’ve been thinking about this and wondering – how in the world can I “prepare” (or even explain it to?!) my children that this is their last visit with the birth family?!?!  It’s really weighing on my mind b/c, even as we (my husband and I) know it is best for them for visits to stop, I can imagine that it will likely be very hard emotionally for our kids. As I said, they are 8 & 9, so old enough to wonder and worry.

    Can you help?  How did you prepare your girls?  And do you have any guidance from others who have been through this?

    Thanks for your time!!!  And again, thank you for your work in the podcast – please keep it going!


  6. Hi Katy! I responded on the Facebook page.

    (If anyone is reading this later and wants to find the comment, look for Katy’s comment on the Facebook wall on Dec. 31, 2010.)

    Looking forward to reading others’ comments about it too.

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