Episode 91 – What’s a Mommy and Daddy?

D & K begin a new phase in life with a new placement.  They are two boys; Dillon and Austin.  Hear about their transition from a different foster home into their potential forever family.  D & K discuss their own transition from being the Mommy and Daddy for Tommy and Molly to their transition to the Mommy and Daddy for Dillon and Austin.

4 thoughts on “Episode 91 – What’s a Mommy and Daddy?

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  2. Recently found your podcast, and just in time. We got placement of our to boys(15,14) in December. They join our other children (15, 8, 6, 5). Things are going well and we really feel that these are the children that were meant to be ours. We so very much want people to know that they shouldn’t rule out teens, even if they have younger children if that is were they feel led. Thank you for all you do to show the true side of “this crazy system. ” 🙂

  3. I’m catching up with your podcasts. I’m happy yet sad because I don’t want to reach the latest podcast and hav to wait for 4 weeks to hear the next one :0(

    Hubby and I just got done with our 2nd seminar for our DFCS IMPACT requirement here in GA paulding county. Were so excited to get it done. And thanks to your podcast, i/we know more and we don’t have to keep asking the fascilitator questions to slow her down…thank you…the 4 of u..(tim,wendy,dan,krista)

    I mentioned your podcast to our DFCs fascilitator and our class will start listening to you. So I wanted to give you a headsup on that.

    Btw, if u need a substitute for the podcast…keep us in mind,we were told that it’ll go fast to get a placement. If you wanna have a prayer line open..for the christians, we got a prayer request..please pray that we get everything ready (the papers required, the room, our hearts, have parenting skills and have God send us the kid/s that he thinks is best for us and that what is best for the kid/s)

    Tim thanks for the link for starting our own podcast. Hubby thinks that were stl novice to start talking bout foster and adopting..we’ll wait til we cross the bridge.

    God speed.

    A on the bus and am having a hard time typing on my phone. Hug the kids for us


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