Episode 94 – A Bittersweet Celebration

D & K have some exciting news to share.  Austin and Dillon are now free for adoption!  Hear them share some cute stories about the boys and walk us through their “Termination of Parental Rights” hearing.  Also an update on Tommy and Molly’s reunification.

11 thoughts on “Episode 94 – A Bittersweet Celebration

  1. LOVE the “hot stuff” joke and I love that you tell it even though it’s only for you.

    We have/had the same defiance issues with Linda. Our PCIT counting method works for us but she always waits till the last second to comply. We’ve learned to keep counting and immediately consequence her so that she knows to “hop to it” once we start counting.

  2. Congrats, D & K! I presume you two are planning to adopt Austin and Dillon? How fun. Good luck and keep us updated!
    LK- How dare you? If the parents had protected their children from the beginning, foster care would not have needed to become involved. If they had been more involved in the court proceedings and followed through on the reunification plan, the courts would not have needed to terminate their parental rights. These children need loving parents now and cannot wait any longer for their biological family to get their act together. The focus is on the rights of the children. I’m sorry that your priorities are so unorganized. Hopefully the biological family will get it together and will some day be able and willing to visit with these children when it is in the boys’ best interest. In the meantime, examine your own motives and think positively.

  3. Unbelievable, LK. What a malicious thing to say.

    Congratulations does seem to be a strange response to a sad situation, but I’m so glad these two adorable, precious boys get parents like D & K, instead of irresponsible ones who don’t even show up to court.

  4. Gee I get dissapointed at the end of each episode! Especially now since I have listened to all of them, and know that I have to wait for the next one!!

    re: the potty training, my mum always gave us a book to read on the “loo” (Aussie) and that always made it less boring.

    Love, love, love the podcasts!

  5. as always love your podcast (have started following your blog as well!)

    it is a shame when people comment in a nonconstructive manner… especially when they haven’t listened to the podcast…

    so excited to hear you are still in contact w/ previous placement, we have FINALLY started our MAPP classes and feel so prepared by listening to you and tim and wendy’s podcasts…

  6. Thanks for your inspiring podcast! It has influenced me into starting my own blog about my experience as a CASA volunteer. Hope you can check it out at casaroad.wordpress.com.

  7. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences. I agree that the court hearing is very bittersweet. Our son’s birth parents were there at the hearing and they even gave us a hug afterwards and said, “Congratulations.” We felt very torn emotionally.

    As far as getting your sons to follow directions, we give our son the direction and if he doesn’t follow it we remind him and then have him repeat it. It drives him crazy to repeat it, but he moves much quicker because he doesn’t want to have to repeat it again.

    Congratulations again!

  8. I’m not a parent so I can’t really give parenting advice but I can tell you about a couple things my parents did really well in regards to defiance and giving choices. They got this technique from a parenting class or book but I’m not sure which. They used natural consequences whenever it was possible. For example, “If you don’t wear your coat, you might get cold once we get out to the car. We’re not going to come back inside to get it so please put it on. If you get cold, you will just have to deal with it.” I learned pretty quick from that one. Actually, I think it was wearing a hat that I used to fuss about. Or, “You can either behave or we’re going back home.” And follow-through is important obviously. Hope that helps a little. Sounds like you’re doing a great job already. Congrats on the big news. I pray that everything works out perfectly according to God’s plan!

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