Episode 101 – Here Comes the Judge

We share our experience in taking the boys to court and introducing them to the judge who makes the decisions that shape their lives. The experience showed us why taking kids to court isn’t always advised, but might be just what the children need to understand their own situation.

In addition, T attended a TDM (Team Decision Making) Meeting and we run through what that meeting was like and the results from that meeting. In this episode we mention the Family-to-Family model. You can find resources on that here.

3 thoughts on “Episode 101 – Here Comes the Judge

  1. A great episode as always! I particularly enjoyed listening to you describe TDMs while I was filing the paperwork from the TDM I just attended. Also amusing: hearing you talk about your social worker forgetting to schedule one. Ours forgot to mention that one would be necessary before the child in question could change placements. Exciting times! My foster son’s 17-year-old sister was being unceremoniously booted from her placement, as the social worker was aware, but she somehow blanked on the required TDM. What a tense meeting when it did take place. We took the full two hours and could have used more time.

    Speaking of which, I haven’t heard you talk much about the endless paperwork, wasted phone calls, going in circles, etc. that has accompanied my experience of foster parenting. Is that because you’re sheltered from that somewhat by Olive Crest, or because you’re licensed, or because you’re more experienced than I am? I am not only dealing directly with the system, but as a kin caregiver rather than a licensed foster parent, and as someone who lives outside the county of my son’s case, I am having to learn the system on my own, and in two counties, and this is my first year in this unexpected foster parent role. I can’t believe the run-around I get–try 16+ phone calls to try to find a therapist for my son. Whew!

    If you ever want to do an episode on dealing with paperwork and keeping your cool, I’ll be delighted. In the meantime, thanks for the morale boosts. I am so grateful for your podcasts!

  2. As always, your podcast was just what I needed to encourage me today. We are fost-adopt parents. We had placement of two teenage boys right before Christmas. We have 4 birth kids as well. Our intent was to adopt these boys. Unfortunately, we soon realized that we didn’t have enough for all of our children. Our boys went to live with another family at the end of the school year. I feel sad that the placement didn’t work out, but do not feel that it was a “failed placement.” We loved our boys while they were here and we know that they will carry that love with them through their lives. We pray that they find a forever family, but also know that we touch each others lives and God has used this experience to teach us all. Thank you for this podcast and for your continued encouragement. It is nice to hear that it is OK to know that we don’t have enough for all our kids and that sometimes it is better for them to move on. 🙂

  3. you should do a show on how the tax law (for adoption tax credits) is changing– the full amount of the adoption tax credit will no longer be refundable after the 2011 tax year (unless they change something at the last minute and decide to extend it the way that it currently is).

    i am sure that everyone who was/is in the process of adopting from foster care anyhow would liek to get a $12,000 tax refund for doing something they were going to do ANYway. so, do you think the fact that this is ending will make lots of people rush to complete their adoptions all before Dec 31?

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