Episode 108 – Privacy & Security

T & W respond to a listener question about privacy and security in foster care. We run down the steps we take to insure the privacy and safety of our family.

Also! We’ll be speaking at the Together for Adoption Conference in Phoenix. The conference is October 21-22, 2011. Hope to see you there. Register here.

If you’d like to hear another podcast about foster parenting, you should check out “Our Foster Parenting Experience” Check it out here and here.

10 thoughts on “Episode 108 – Privacy & Security

  1. We also should have mentioned using a Google Voice phone number. It’s much easier untie it from your home address than anything else.

  2. Listening to this episode I am surprised to learn that PA must have different laws about disclosing a foster parent’s address to birth parents. In PA, the birth parents have the right to know a foster parent’s home address. When I learned this in training I was shocked! Our agency assured us that birth parents are told that it is never appropriate to go to foster parent’s homes and that it will not help them in court if they break the rule. Still makes me nervous….but no way around it. Sometimes it does make me worry, and I’ve gone over in my head many times what I will do and say if we ever had birth parents show up.

  3. Hey Wendy and Tim, What do you say to people who say that they don’t want to choose fostering-to-adopt because their goal is to adopt a child and with fostering you have to have the goal of reunification with bio parents?


  4. Hi Tim and Wendy,
    I’m sorry, but I was at my computer listening to your podcast when after stalking myself, I stalked you. Please send me an email and I’ll tell you how I found some info you might want to take down / make private.
    Thanks for another terrific podcast! I’m currently waiting to hear about a 9 year old girl from Seattle … wish me luck!

  5. Great tips. Hubby and I have 4 weeks to go and then we’ll be certified. Did you hand in all the requirements before or after your “graduation” for the Seminars? We’re doing our Foster/Adopt Certification in GA!

    Whew! So i’m all caught up with your podcast…took some time..now what am i going to do on my way to work during my 1.5 hour bus ride to and from work?!

    any other podcasts on adoption and fostering you could recommend? I downloaded a few from Focus on the family, they have some on adoption…anything?

  6. does a google phone number work better than a magic jack number? i paid for a 5 year service for only $49.99 with magic jack and have this forwarded to my cell. works great, except sometimes i get a garbbled line and cant understand the voice mails people leave because the line is so bad. How is the line quality with Google phone?

    God bless you guys!!!

  7. As you see, I am patiently (impatiently :0) ) waiting for a podcast.

    I got a google phone number and it works like a charm! I love the fact that all my phones ring at just one call! and my ipod too! :0)

    twiddling thumbs…

    when’s the next podcast coming on??? sigh.

  8. @T My wife and I also use Google Voice with our foster children’s parents, http://www.google.com/voice. We even got an out of state Google Voice #, so their biological parents couldn’t even find out what area we lived in based on the #. For those not familiar with Google Voice, you can get an alternate # for incoming or out going text or phone calls. It can also change your outgoing caller ID to your Google Voice # when making calls or sending texts. This has been great when the biological parents were running late when we needed to meet to pick up the boys, or was a great way to let the biological parents know that something came up and we needed to take one of the kids in quickly to see the doctor, and asked if they wanted to come as well.

  9. When u dial *67 before the phone number you are to dial, it hides your number from the party you are calling. i.e. *672014556778 instead of just dialling 2014556778 (don’t dial that number, totally just made that up.it could belong to someone.or to none) that could be another option to use when needing to contact the birth parents.

    And we’re glad to announce, we got 4 seminars down..3 more to go and were officially certified to foster and adopt!

    Btw, I tried typing in our cell phone numbers in google, they came up, after clicking on some pages..they revealed our FULL NAMES and the state where we used to live. They had links to be unlisted but id have to pay Over $5 for each..do u know of any other way of becoming anonymous?

    Thanks for the other link for the podcast, I tried I but its not user friendly on my android. Ill see what I can do. Still waiting for the next podcast :0)

  10. LOVE these suggestions! We are newly licensed and waiting for our first placement, so I started at the beginning and have ALMOST made it through all the shows.

    Anyway, after reading this I immediately took down our information on WhitePages.com and took a few additional steps to lock down our Facebook profiles.

    One suggestion I had seen elsewhere was to get a TracFone just for birth parent phone calls. For one thing, the phone number is separate from your own phone and you can just keep the phone off when it’s not needed.

    I could use an updated show that includes tips for foster parenting teens in the age of social media. I don’t see how it’s possible to keep one’s information secure when you have a teen who uses any kind of social media.

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