Episode 111 – Lice Invasion

D & K are back with a new episode. They welcomed in a short term placement with some unexpected visitors, transitioned her to another foster home and celebrated their first ever “familiversary”. Hear how Dillon and Austin are transitioning into permanence and how the entire family is preparing for the addition of a brand new “loin child”.

3 thoughts on “Episode 111 – Lice Invasion

  1. Hurray! Glad to hear that all is well, D & K!
    1) Are your new-to-foster-parenting friends going to be blogging/podcasting their experiences? I’m also in the Midwest so it’s especially great to here from “locals.”
    2) K said she likes to hear others’ stories. I love adoption blogs, but foster/adopt stories tends to be more rare (I’m sure in part due to legal confidentiality). http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/ RATM is about a family with 4 children: 1st son adopted from foster care, 2nd son adopted from Haiti who shares a birthday with–>, 1st biological daughter, and a 2nd bio daughter. I believe Dad is also a pastor. Mom has a wicked funny personality.
    3) Have you already or are you planning on getting a minivan? We are a family of five only on the weekends, so we’ve avoided it so far.

  2. I’m not sure if any of our new-to-foster parenting friends will be blogging or not. Maybe we’ll interview them sometime 🙂

    I read RATM pretty regularly and met Kristen at Together for Adoption in 2010. I’ve had to cut way back on my blog reading in the last several months but, you’re right, foster-adopt blogs are harder to come by.

    We have a mini-van. D bought it last year while I was at the Together for Adoption conference. It is so un-cool and so practical. I have a love-hate relationship with it.

  3. Your comments about your struggles with Austin really reminded me of my own with my 3-year-old. I really loved the book “Beyond time-out: From chaos to calm” by Beth A. Grosshans, with Janet H. Burton. It isn’t written specifically for parents of kids who are adopted but I found it super helpful in understanding my own parenting style and how to implement time out in a way that really works. Good luck!

    PS I love my minivan! 🙂

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