Episode 113 – Spring Update

Yes, we’re back with a new episode. This one breaks a record set many years ago. Catch up on our life and all the decisions that are forming our family. We’ve also got a number of questions for our co-hosts.

We’ll be a part of a foster parenting panel at Orphan Summit. Make sure to say “hi” if you’re there. http://www.summitviii.org/

9 thoughts on “Episode 113 – Spring Update

  1. Hurray! Another podcast! Glad everything is ok / doing better.
    What kinds of extracurricular classes or lessons are the kids (not just the girls, to include D&K as well) involved in? Since the girls graduated from therapy, does that mean things are also going well with their other mother?
    I remember taking Child Psych before having my daughter, but it would be cool to hear an in depth take on it from your guys’ viewpoint.

  2. My dad sent me a text message early this morning saying that you guys had lots of questions for us on this episode of the podcast. Baby Girl’s room used to be the office in our house and now I need to find out where we put the podcasting mic. We’ll be back!

  3. On this podcast you mention that it is difficult to find books for your daughter that have a lower reading level, but at her interest level. I am an educational editor, and the first program I worked on was “Kaleidoscope.” These books were written to help struggling readers work their way up to their grade level. For example, Level B (3rd grade) contains 3rd grade level content with the stories starting at a 1st grade level and gradually building up to a 3rd grade level. This may be something to look into. I love your podcast! My husband and I have decided to adopt through foster care, because of the information I learned from listening.


  4. I love your podcast! I started listening at the beginning back in December and I am finally all caught up! I realize you may not want to reveal the name of these books your daughter will read to keep your privacy, but if you don’t mind sharing I am interested in knowing what they are or who wrote them. I am always on the lookout for books that kids will enjoy.

  5. Tim & Wendy,
    I began listening to your podcast in the Spring of 2010. I stumbled upon it searching for info about foster parenting as my husband and I were searching for any useful information. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast BEFORE becoming foster parents. Now, we have been foster parents for a little over a year now to 6 children ranging in ages from 2 years to 15 years. I go back and listen to your podcasts from the beginning now and just relish the material as it is soooo useful. There were some things that I had heard from you before and thought “nah…it won’t be like that for me.” Lo and behold, I find myself in the same boat…

    Thank you so much for hosting such a helpful and inspiring podcast!

  6. Look for us and say “Hi”. We will be at “Wisdom from the Veterans: Foster Care Q&A” Thursday afternoon.

  7. Just started listening to your cast couple of weeks ago . Me & my wife live in Michigan we started foster care classes in jan 2010 by 10/10/10 we got our first young lady she was four at the time now six . We have four kids all together now . We went from 0 to 4 in a year . From what Ive heard so far your right on . We just started our first adoption we are hopeful that we will get our 1 year old little man . We have not had to say good bye to any of our kids yet . And don’t know how I’m going to . You guys have done a good thing ;0)

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