Episode 113 – Spring Update

Yes, we’re back with a new episode. This one breaks a record set many years ago. Catch up on our life and all the decisions that are forming our family. We’ve also got a number of questions for our co-hosts.

We’ll be a part of a foster parenting panel at Orphan Summit. Make sure to say “hi” if you’re there. http://www.summitviii.org/

Episode 111 – Lice Invasion

D & K are back with a new episode. They welcomed in a short term placement with some unexpected visitors, transitioned her to another foster home and celebrated their first ever “familiversary”. Hear how Dillon and Austin are transitioning into permanence and how the entire family is preparing for the addition of a brand new “loin child”.

Episode 110 – Celebration or Tragedy

T & W field a listener question about the appropriateness of celebrating a foster placement. Is it born of tragedy or is it a cause for joy? We also discuss the Penn State child abuse scandal and the latest in our lives.

If you ever need to report child abuse call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Episode 109 – All the Dirt on Foster Care and Why You Should Still Do It

We recently were able to participate in the annual Together for Adoption Conference. This episode is based on the breakout session we led there.

We’ve heard a lot of stories about foster care. Sometimes the stories are in the news, sometimes we hear them from people we know, and sometimes strangers volunteer their perspectives. Rather than sweeping the dirt under the rug, we think we should talk about it.

So this episode is our attempt to confront negative stories about foster care experiences. We talk about abusive foster parents, delays in the adoption process, biased social workers and judges, and the pain of getting attached and having to say goodbye.

Come see us in person and enjoy other great speakers at the KidBridge Seminar in Rolling Hills Estates, CA on Saturday, October 29!

Episode 108 – Privacy & Security

T & W respond to a listener question about privacy and security in foster care. We run down the steps we take to insure the privacy and safety of our family.

Also! We’ll be speaking at the Together for Adoption Conference in Phoenix. The conference is October 21-22, 2011. Hope to see you there. Register here.

If you’d like to hear another podcast about foster parenting, you should check out “Our Foster Parenting Experience” Check it out here and here.

Episode 107 – Kindergarten

D&K prepare to send Dillon off to Kindergarten and deal with Austin’s memories and fantasies about his previous foster mom. They also prepare for a new short-term placement. All comments about college football are welcome.

Episode 106 – Orphan Sunday

Orphan SundayLearn how churches are partnering with orphans worldwide in an interview with Vanessa Vasquez, Orphan Sunday National Director. W talks with Vanessa about various approaches to Orphan Sunday including prayer, sermons, videos and testimonies.

Vanessa encourages listeners to visit the Orphan Sunday website, which includes a map of Orphan Sunday events, bulletin inserts, and a special live event.

W mentions a previous episode where we hit a nerve with some listeners who dearly loved the Starfish Story.

And, we talk about a surprising trigger for grieving our former foster children: a trip to a local Asian market.

Episode 105 – Royal Family Kids

T interviews Jacob, a counselor at Royal Family Kids Camp, a summer program run by churches for foster kids throughout the country and internationally.

Jacob mentioned his film project CAMP. You can contribute to his Kickstarter Campaign here. Help him reach his goal!

Episode 104 – Thank You for “Adopted Day”

D & K celebrate their adoption of Dillon and Austin. They describe their experience at court and the tender moments in the day that made it meaningful. They also let us in on a new situation in their lives and the great many awkward responses it brings.

Episode 103 – So Hard to Say Goodbye

Our family says good-bye to Luke and Nolan. T & W discuss the details of their move–where they went, why they left and how we’re feeling about their time with us.

Saying goodbye to a foster child is something that most people fear. It’s a concern that even keeps many prospective foster or adoptive families from foster parenting at all. In the midst of this grief, we wanted to talk about what we are feeling and why we don’t regret the experience of being foster parents to Luke and Nolan. Even though the past six months have tested our patience and strength, we are thankful to have had the experience of loving them.

Also in this episode, you’ll hear what it was like to go on vacation as a foster family and the worst thing a teacher has ever said to us.