Episode 32 – Mediation Is More Exciting Than It Sounds

We finally met with our mediator! So we share all the details about what that process is like.

Episode 31 – Taking Foster Kids to Church

A question burning in the minds of all of our listeners, “Can you take foster kids to church?” We give you all the answers as we understand them.

Listener Krysta gave us a heads up on this video that we think is a powerful explanation as to why adoption should be important to Christian.

Episode 30 – Listener Comments

We tackle several of the listener comments that we have not had a chance to get into. A whole episode devoted to our listeners!

We mention:

Episode 29 – Talking with Young Children about Adoption

A book review of Talking with Young Children about Adoption by Mary Watkins and Susan Fisher.

We also briefly mention Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for Families With Special-Needs Kids : A Guide for Parents and Professionalsby Gregory Keck and Regina Kupecky. Watch out there is a return of the “Listener Corner” theme song!

Episode 28 – Adopting Across Racial Lines

A good friend and regular listener questions something we said in the past about the appropriateness of adopting across racial lines. So we devote the full episode to that sensitive but pertinent topic.

We refer to:

Episode 23 – What Do Your Neighbors Think?

An update on Baby Janelle and our lives in general.

We also review the National Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey produced by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. What are the common misconceptions Americans have about adoption and foster care?

Tim also does an excellent job of sticking his foot in his mouth and alienating his relatives. Watch how he climbs out of the mess he makes for himself.

Episode 21 – Angry Kids

We had a really pleasant week which included a trip the the Emergency Room and a lot of displays of flat out anger and aggression in our girls. To top it off, they’ve learned the “F” word.

We give a shout out to Jana Alayra, the Children’s Worship Leader who taught our girls how to cuss (It wasn’t really her fault). Jana, if you’re out there we need you to come teach a couple of preschoolers what the real lyrics are.

An update on our court date and what we can expect next.

We also start a new feature called “Listener’s Corner”. Wait till you hear the jingle.