Episode 50 – Forty Reasons We’re Adopting Through Foster Care

These are 40 of our own personal reasons to adopt through foster care. They’re not necessarily for you or anyone else, but they are what compels us. Celebrate National Adoption Month with us!

18 responses to “Episode 50 – Forty Reasons We’re Adopting Through Foster Care”

  1. Wendy, you may have made it through without crying but I didn’t. I was listening to the episode while on a flight home from Denver. The lady next to me probably thought I was nuts.

  2. Wow, what an awesome ministry God has given you with this foster podcast blog. I enjoyed listening to you…very interesting and very cool. You guys are ready for a radio program I think…keep up the good work!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted (4 through fostercare)

  3. This episode was amazing!

    As I listened to your podcast my eyes filled up with tears. I was already crying after just your first reason, but as you went on I went on. I can identify with ALL of your reasons and find ourselves doing foster care for the same reasons.

    As I drove down the road and looked at my two boys in the back seat (both are foster – adopt) I couldn’t help but cry and Thank you two for saying and expressing the feelings that I have.

    Please keep up the great work!!!

    Thank you!! ~Nicole

  4. Pauk is a walrus? Is that like Joey Sapwood in the M household? One of your reason was that alot of youth age out without being adopted and end up homeless. Funny you should say that as one of your reasons because my unit is working on ways that the court in our region and the case workers can better prepare and set up resources for the youthes that are aging out of care (that where not adopted). It is very sad that teens are not adopted at the rate tha tinfants or younger children are, but I believe we can still help them to be successful adults. One foster child who is very inspiring is Rusty Johnson, check out his website: rustyjohnson.net

  5. I LOVE THESE! I wish I had them written down to post on my blog so friends and family could her what’s in our hearts too. I’ll link to the podcast for sure though!

  6. Made me cry at work! I used several reasons that you gave in our email about why we are fostering to our friends and family:)

  7. Hi Tim and Wendy 🙂 Thank you for this episode… It made me cry. I wanted to let you all know I used your podcasts for training hours here in Virginia. I love listening to you guys. <3

  8. Listened to this episode probably 5 times now. I play it for anyone interested in fostering and have sent it to my whole family so they know why we are. Thanks for the encouragement. We’re going to mediation in two weeks and really needed it. I even got a speeding ticket while listening because i was so engrossed and not paying attention… but that’s for another comment. thank you T and W.

  9. I really enjoyed this episode. So far, as I have listened to the podcast, your main reasons actually stated for becoming foster parents have all been religious. I am not a religious person, so your biblical versus don’t speak to me the way they might to a Christian. This episode has statistics and life experience, not just religion, that reassure me I am on the right path as I wait for my first foster child.

  10. Perfect reasons to foster care this is also a great way to encourage other candidates to become foster parents.

  11. Loved listening to this podcast. My husband and I are prayerfully considering adoption to grow our family. Do you happen to have your 40 reasons typed out or in print? I would love to read through them.

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