What Happened to All of our Episodes?

To our wonderful listeners,

Thank you so much for listening and learning with us all these years. After nine years of chronicling our family’s journey, we’ve decided to take a hiatus. You can still find a few of our favorite episodes here, and please like our page on Facebook  to be notified of any future episodes.

Looking back over the past nine years, we feel incredibly humbled that so many listeners have decided to join us in loving and serving foster kids. When we were new foster parents, we had grand visions of how we could impact the lives of children in foster care. Very quickly we realized that our ability to care for children was going to be limited by our own time, space and energy. So you can imagine how encouraged we’ve been to know that the podcast has played a part in others stepping up to care for children in foster care.

Our website and Facebook page will remain up as we still plan on being a resource for foster parents. Keep up the hard work, because as you’ve heard… “Foster parenting is the most frustrating, heart-wrenching, all consuming thing we’ve ever done, but when it comes down to it, it’s just about helping kids. And that’s been the most rewarding thing in our lives.”

22 thoughts on “What Happened to All of our Episodes?

  1. Oh no! I just started listening a few weeks ago and I was all the way up to the episode just before the signing. Now they are all gone and I came to the home page to see this posted. Bummer! I was really hoping to finish out this series of Podcasts. Is there currently anyway to download the remaining Podcasts? I just shared yesterday this link with a group that I’m a part of and I know a few of them have started listening.

    If not is there a particular podcast you would recommend?

    Thanks for all you have done.

  2. Your podcast has been such an inspiration for me. I am currently going through the certification process. I have listened to all of your podcasts- twice!- and I was looking forward to having my husband listen to some of them as well (I had kept a running list of episodes for him to listen to.) I completely understand that as your daughters grow older, you must respect their privacy. Thank you for all you’ve done for the foster parenting community.

  3. I’m so sad the episodes have been removed! My family and I have been listening to the whole series. We are searching for as much information on fostering as we can get. 🙁

  4. Hi! Is there anyway to still listen to your episodes???!!! I also started listening a few weeks ago and have just been so inspired and learning so much about foster care. I was really hoping to keep listening. Thank you so much for the amazing ways that your family has been faithful and serving kids and inspiring other people to foster and adopt!

  5. Your podcast was the first and only I found on Foster Care while getting certified and it was an awesome resource and encouragement. To everyone who is searching for additional podcast resources there are some new awesome ones out there for you. Try: Think Orphan, The forgotten Podcast, Home For Good, and Coffee + Crumbs has an episode about foster care too! Fortunately there are more and more resources popping up for us as people answer the call to care for orphans.
    Hope this helps!

  6. Wow, I understand taking a break but couldn’t you leave up your old podcasts? I haven’t caught up yet, I’m in the 100s.

  7. are there any other resources that you would recommend? Your journey was soooooo helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much for recording it, Praise the Lord you did, your story HAS made a HUGE impact. God gave your story to so many who needed it. Thank you again.

  8. Oh no! I was just getting on to listen to some of your podcasts now. I have loved listening to them and wish I could still access them as I just found your site about a month ago. I only made it to #30 somthing…..sad day for me. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’ll be back soon!

  9. Hi, I just started fostering two months ago and your podcasts were such an encouragement to me – if they are still helping other foster parents, what is the purpose of taking them down? Please bring them back, I’d love to continue listening if possible!

  10. Ah man! I have listened to all the episodes but was trying to play from the beginning for my husband and they disappeared 🙁 We will be licensed in Jan!

  11. Oh man, I’m so sad to see this! Like the other commenters we were listening through these while we’re in process for getting certified and it has been so good to hear that our fears of how tough it will be are true but that it’s still a great way to be Jesus’ hands and feet.
    We hope that we’ll be able to hear all the rest of the podcasts some day.

  12. Thank you both! You and your podcast are the reason we “took that next step”! So appreciate your insight and godly perspective!

  13. Another disappointed listener here. I was listening through the old ones and I just loved hearing the whole process. We are on our way to becoming licensed. Is there any way to access old episodes? Thanks!

  14. Thank you for all the time you spent creating this podcast. I am a foster mom and listened to every episode. I found your podcast after I was already fostering and wished I had found it before I began. Each episode helped me along and some even moved me to tears. I discovered the podcasts were gone as I sat down tonight to write a letter to a mom of a child we adopted from foster care. I was hoping to order a book you reviewed. I can’t recall the podcast number, but the book was about open adoption and written for families, birth families, and case workers. Is it the book that is listed in resources?

  15. Another disappointed listener here – I understand if you did this for privacy reasons for your girls but it was the best resource i’ve found as a hopeful future foster parent. Any chance you would be willing to to email me a link to download for my own personal use?

  16. I just found you guys 🙁 I get needing your privacy though. I’ve heard so many recommendations to listen to y’all!!! I’m sure I missed something great!

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  18. I just wanted to say thank you. We had thought about fostering for several years, but I was worried over the unknown. I so appreciated the honesty and challa he’s discussed in your podcasts. I listened to them all last year and now that our son is almost two, we have signed up for fostering as well as being open to fiat adopt. We are also working with a local fostering group home as mentors. This is due to the podcast. Thank you for being the best resource out there. Period.

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