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  • Instant Family – What it Got Right and What it Got Wrong

    As foster-adoptive parents we loved how well Instant Family portrayed our community. We loved that it not only showed the tough times but the joy of making a family out of chaos.¬† We’re certain the movie raised some questions about what it’s like the be a foster family and whether or not things are really […]

  • Episode 122 – What Do Foster Parents Think of Instant Family

    Episode 122 – What Do Foster Parents Think of Instant Family

    Curious what foster parents think of Instant Family? We’ve got an early movie review for you here from a real life foster-adoptive family.  Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne play a childless couple who decide to enter parenting through the foster care system and encounter all the struggles of parenting kids who have experienced trauma.  We […]

  • What Happened to All of our Episodes?

    To our wonderful listeners, Thank you so much for listening and learning with us all these years. After nine years of chronicling our family’s journey, we’ve decided to take a hiatus. You can still find a few of our favorite episodes here, and please like our page on Facebook¬† to be notified of any future […]

  • My Kids Are Like Duct Tape

    Foster and Adoptive parents know what it means to have “sticky kids”.

  • Episode 116 – Unusual Adoption Story

    T interviews Zach about their adoption and its many unusual circumstances. Their story will leave you inspired and stretch your imagination about what is possible in creating a family. Before listening to this episode make sure to watch this great video of “Meredith’s Big Surprise” [display_podcast]

  • Episode 115 – Indian Child Welfare Act

    Have you heard of special laws governing the adoption of children who are of Native American descent? In the US, children who are Native American fall under a specific law called the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), which can govern their adoptive and foster placements. T interviews Johnston Moore about ICWA. They discuss the origins […]

  • What It’s Like to Be a Foster Parent

    We made this short video to explain what it’s like to be a foster parent

  • Episode 112 – Opening Up to Birth Parents

    Episode 112 – Opening Up to Birth Parents

    Many foster parents draw firm boundaries between themselves and their foster children’s birth parents. But is this right? In this interview with Saint Fults, a social worker in St. Louis, Missouri, we learn of another perspective of openness toward birth family relationships from the beginning of the child’s placement. Fults advocates that foster parents should […]

  • Andrea & Linda

    Tim’s brother is a caricature artist. He did a great representation of Andrea and Linda. We decided this was a good way to show everyone what they look like. Andrea is on the left and Linda is on the right.

  • Episode 4 – Don’t You Get Attached

    Andrea and Linda have moved into our home! If you’re only going to listen to one episode, this is the one to listen to. We talk about: The #1 question we’re asked about foster parenting The problem of attachment 40% of people in homeless shelters were once foster kids! How to pray for Andrea and […]