Episode 90 – A New Starfish Story

starfish stranded on the beachEveryone seems to love the “Starfish Story” by Loren Eiseley. We’ve got a new take on this old classic and promise you’ll never see starfish the same way again.  This is an episode you won’t want to miss; it matters to this one!

Photo courtesy of OrangeCounty_Girl

Episode 70 – Interview with Adoptive Parent Amy

We interview Amy, a fost-adopt parent who has had the experience of adopting four siblings consecutively. Her most recent adoption is being completed across state lines. Amy shares some personal experiences including infertility, pregnancy after adopting, and the death of a child.

Also in this episode, we answer listener Kim’s question about how to help a foster child transition to his adoptive home.

Episode 68 – Jeremy, Former Foster Child

We sit down and interview Jeremy, a former foster child, about his experiences in the system and any wisdom he can pass on to foster parents. We also give a brief review of “The Miracle Worker” and highly recommend watching it. At least watch this scene and catch the pay off line at the end of this scene; “the room is a wreck but her napkin is folded”. We identify with it a lot.

Episode 61 – A Conversation for Christians

In this episode we decide to have a conversation with Christians about Christianity (and foster care). If you’re not a Christian, feel free to listen in on our “family” conversation. But we won’t be offended if you’re not interested.

If you are a Christian, then you definitely should listen to this one. It’s our thoughts on why Christians MUST be involved in some way in orphan care.

Some of the verses we mention:
James 1:27
Isaiah 58
Ephesians: 2:8-10
Matthew 10:8
Philippians 4:13

Episode 50 – Forty Reasons We’re Adopting Through Foster Care

These are 40 of our own personal reasons to adopt through foster care. They’re not necessarily for you or anyone else, but they are what compels us. Celebrate National Adoption Month with us!

Episode 49 – Ramona, Former Foster Child

Wendy takes time to interview our friend Ramona, who grew up in foster care.

Coming soon: stay tuned for our National Adoption Month plans. Email with any of your adoption specific questions.

Episode 4 – Don’t You Get Attached

Andrea and Linda have moved into our home!

If you’re only going to listen to one episode, this is the one to listen to.
We talk about: